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Q. How many cameramen will there be?

A. Most clients want discreet coverage, so the fewer cameramen the better. My basic price is for me operating alone and using additional un-manned cameras during the wedding ceremony, speeches and first dance.

Q. Can you cover both the bride and groom’s preparations?

A. I cannot be in 2 places at once but if locations are fairly close together it may be possible for me to move from one to the other to get a flavour of events before moving on to the wedding venue to prepare for the ceremony and capture arrivals. For more comprehensive coverage there is the option of an additional camera operator (usually my partner Joanna).

Q. How long will the finished video be?

A. This is dependent on a number of factors. The weather, the length of the ceremony, the number of guests, the length of the speeches, the inclusion of a ‘diary room’ etc. If I was to average it out over the last 10 years I would probably get to around 90 minutes.

Q. What is a ‘cinematic’ wedding video?

A. My ‘default’ style of production is the ‘documentary’ approach which will provide you with a comprehensive record of events, friends and family throughout the day. This is nearly always shot without any interference with the natural flow of events.

I can also offer the ‘cinematic’ style of production by using a camera with a very shallow depth of field (blurry backgrounds) and cropping the picture on the top and bottom to imitate the width of the cinema screens. The cameras used for ‘cinematic’ productions are not best suited to following fast moving and unpredictable action so I would normally ask for 30 minutes to film alone with the bride and groom to ensure that I get some ‘killer’ shots. My ‘cinematic’ wedding videos are almost as comprehensive as my ‘documentary’ wedding videos but some companies are merely offering very stylised (and very short) montages as their ‘cinematic’ package. It is very important to know just how comprehensive the coverage will be when comparing videographers.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. I am one of the few videographers to be equipped with 2 cameras that are completely weather sealed. These cameras can be used outside in the heaviest of downpours but to prevent the risk of misting up I will then use different cameras inside.

Q. The wedding breakfast is to be lit by candle light. Will you have to spoil the atmosphere by using additional lighting?

A. This is very unlikely. All my cameras are excellent in low light but I also have a special ‘low light’ camera for just that situation. I do, however, always carry a variety of lights to guarantee that I can record high quality footage in any situation that presents itself.

Q. What happens if I want some alterations to the video?

A. I am happy to correct any errors free of charge. For alterations that are more ‘subjective’ I reserve the right to make a charge in accordance with the circumstances. A good example of this was many years ago when a bride fell out with one of her guests and wanted me to cut her out of the video completely. I had to spend 3 days re-editing the whole video.

Q. What happens if I have a complaint?

A. I hold the highest qualification possible within the Institute of Videography who have an arbitration service for unresolved complaints. Use of this service is free and does not compromise your legal rights. In over 500 weddings, I have never had a complaint.

Q. Can I choose the music used in the video?

A. Yes, it is possible for me to obtain a copyright licence enabling me to use commercial music when editing your DVD. I usually ask couples to choose 10 tracks from which I will choose those that fit the footage best. Unfortunately, no licence exists for use of this music on the internet and most uploads are blocked by the video hosting sites ‘Youtube’ and ‘Vimeo’. As a result, if I use commercial music, I cannot guarantee that your ‘finale’ clip can be uploaded to our website for your friends to watch. Recent experience suggests that the chances of an upload being accepted by the hosting sites are increased if the music is mixed with other sound sources such as voice clips from the wedding ceremony or speeches.